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A Tale of Two Sauces

Cosmic Disco is the nuclear fusion of two of our most popular sauces.

Cosmic Dumpling

A soy-chile garlic/ginger umami bomb of galactic proportions, Cosmic Dumplings accessible heat and flavor profile makes it a must try for anyone with tastebuds. Despite having premiered in 2021, Cosmic Dumpling has already managed to make a name for itself by amassing big ticket awards from some of the most competitive hot sauce panels in the country.

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Scorpion Disco

Ruining the good time of many a Hot Ones Season 15 panelist (excluding Lorde, who gave it the honorable distinction of being a 'two biter'), Scorpion Disco fuses psychadelic seasonings with the unrelenting heat of Scorpion peppers. If you can stand the heat you're in for a funken good time with this epic flavor jam!

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What happens when you combine the strengths of this dynamic flavor duo?

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We are confident that you'll be extremely satisfied with your Karma Sauce experience. But if our sauces are not to your liking for whatever reason, do not hesitate to contact us for a full refund. Karma Sauce guarantees 100 percent of our customers' satisfaction 100 percent of the time, no exceptions.

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