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Looking for something a bit more particular? If you have your own recipe or concept in mind we have premium options available. Collaborate with our saucy crew to create something completely unique.


Give us your custom design and we'll use it to create high quality printed labels for every bottle.


Give us some parameters and we'll collaborate with you to make a label based on your concept.

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Our private label sauces are bursting with flavor and have exceeded expectations with sky-high conversion rates. Harness the excitement of having a truly unique taste experience attached to your brand.

This is hands down the best hot sauce I've ever had. I've had it on wings, breakfast tacos and chicken tacos. It has a nice kick to it, but doesn't overpower the sweet and smoky flavor. I am looking forward to ordering my next bottle. Five Stars.

Product Review for Los Calientes

I love mole and make my own on occasion. This sauce has all the complex flavors that makes mole so good, plus the heat...This stuff is really, really good. Five Stars.

Product Review for Holy Mole

Woo! Really good! Packing a punch....Awesome all around good flavorful sauce!...This is just one of those 'toss it on everything' sauces man.

Krazy Kimberlin, Jalabanero Review

I think it's  just a brilliant combination, to use strawberries to use that fruit like that...One of my favorites of the year, highly recommended this stuff is just absolutely incredible.

Bill Moore, Fennelo Review

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