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What MAKES KARMA SAUCE "Some Next Level Sh*t"?

Most hot sauce companies use canned ingredients and safe recipes. We're commited to boldly crafting the most flavorful hot sauces in the country, even if that means starting our own pepper farm to make sure every ingredient is succulent and fresh.

Karma Sauce's founder and sauce expert Gene Olczak has expertly designed each recipe so that every bottle of Karma Sauce is unlike anything you've ever tasted. So if you're tired of forgettable meals and want to return to meals that matter, you're one step closer to finding the secret sauce that gets you there.


We are confident that you'll be extremely satisfied with your Karma Sauce experience. But if our sauces are not to your liking for whatever reason, do not hesitate to contact us for a full refund. Karma Sauce guarantees 100 percent of our customers' satisfaction 100 percent of the time, no exceptions.

Karma Sauce took home a staggering 24 awards from Zestfest, including 6 Golden Chiles!  If you're looking for the best of the best, you could do worse than our 2020 Golden Chile winners collection.

The Trophy Room

A comprehensive archive of every award since 2012. Careful, it's a bit crowded inside.

Good Karma Means Strong Bonds
From the start, Karma Sauce has been about celebrating local Finger Lakes agriculture and the community around it. As we've grown, we've been able to build a passionate team around the production of our own products. We take pride in having a family atmosphere at Karma Sauce where employees feel meaningfully connected to the work. After all, a happy team makes a much better sauce.
If you'd like to get in on all the good karma, let us know by signing up for our volunteer mailing list. If there are any opportunities we think people might appreciate, we'll let you know.

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