Harder Kit

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For the seasoned heat-seeker, the Harder Kit offers vibrant flavors and intense (but not all-consuming) heat.

Right at the top you have Cherry Bomb, which takes the tang of sour cherries and the swift kick of habanero, and compliments it with notes of lemon zest, apple, and even hints of coffee. It's incredibly unique flavor has made it a critical darling and one of the most award-winning hot sauces in the nation.

Your journey continues with a trip to Ghost Island. This Caribbean-influenced hot sauce balances pineapple, mango and other all-natural ingredients with a trio of chile peppers led by the bhut jolokia, or “ghost pepper.” Just a teaspoon will transform any dish! Note: We've recently reformulated Ghost Island to be a bit less hot and a bit more "West Indies Curry" than previous iterations. 

Finally, cult classic Carnival throws an extra hot party on your tongue and will have you dancing (or writhing) in the streets. Make every day Fat Tuesday with heaping helpings of scotch bonnet, fatalii and yellow moruga scorpion. Our homegrown yellow peppers will light you up and our fresh lime juice and tropical herbs & spices will keep you swaying.

The Harder Kit includes:

  • 1 bottle of Cherry Bomb
  • 1 bottle of Ghost Island
  • 1 bottle of Carnival

Cherry Bomb Ingredients - sour cherries, habanero pepper, onion, apple, apple cider vinegar, evaporated cane juice, lime juice, ground coffee, lemon zest, cinnamon, clove. EXTRA HOT 5 Fl. Oz. bottle

Ghost Island Ingredientspeppers (habanero, fatalii, ghost), orange juice, apple cider vinegar, mango, pineapple, organic sugar, mustard seed, lime juice, water, agave nectar, salt, onion, curry spices, garlic. EXTRA HOT 5 Fl. Oz. bottle

Carnival Ingredients - yellow chile peppers [scotch bonnet, fatalii and yellow moruga scorpion], apple cider vinegar, organic sugar, fresh lime juice, salt, garlic, green mango, thyme, ginger  EXTRA HOT  5 fl. oz bottle