Nightmare Kit

Nightmare Kit

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The Nightmare Kit includes:


Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. Our Nightmare Kit is filled to the brim with bright flavors, sure, but pulls absolutely no punches when it comes to heat. 

Carnival takes lime juice and tropical herbs & spices keep you swaying while our special homegrown peppers light you up. Turn any meal into a celebration with just a few drops!

Funken Hot is a thumping hot bass line mixes with aromatic Instant Karma for an epic flavor jam. Spin this award-winning hot sauce on your favorite foods and you won’t stop till you hit the bottom of the bottle.

Finally, Ashes*2*Ashes takes 7-Pot Primo peppers made in the burning springs of the Finger Lakes and leaves you with an ashen grin where your face used to be. 

Don't say you weren't warned!