Loyalty Program

We've created a simple program that offers cumulative discounts for shopping and promoting Karma Sauce.

To access your personal loyalty program account, click on the rewards widget on the bottom right of the karmasauce.com interface.  


How To Get Discounts

After you log in, a list of ways to earn points will be made available to you. These points can be traded in for discount codes that will take up to 50% off your next purchase. These points do not expire and can be traded in at any time. So how do you earn points? Here are some of your options. 

Refer a friend 

When you click "Refer a Friend", the widget will display a URL link that is tied to your account. If a customer uses that link to make a purchase, they will receive 15% off their order, and you will receive 1500 points, worth 15% off whenever you choose to redeem them.  If you refer two friends, you can redeem a 30% discount, and so on, all the way up to 50%.     
Ask A Question / Leave A Review
To receive points for these actions, go to any product page and click the "ask a question" or "add a review" button.

The points will be added automatically to your account after submission. Every once in a while we may send you an email asking you to review a product you've purchased. Providing a review via email will also go towards your rewards points total.
Note that you can get additional points for your review when you include a picture.

Place Order

Simply placing an order as you usually would will add points to your account.  Be sure to check your widget when you return for your next purchase!

Additional Discount Opportunities 

In addition to referrals and leaving reviews, the following actions, which you can access through the rewards widget, will help you accumulate points: 

  • Visiting Our Facebook Page
  • Following our Instagram account 
  • Subscribing To Our Newsletter
  • Telling Us Your Birthday 

Trading In Points

As your points accumulate, you can trade them in for a discount code by clicking on "Karmic Discounts".  

You can discount your order by up to 50% depending on how many points you have accumulated!

When you click "redeem", you will receive your discount code for the amount specified. Be sure to remember to paste that code into the appropriate field when checking out.

View Your History

To view your points history, click on the clock symbol.
That's it! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!