Summer Salsa Sale

A bumper crop harvest means a big Summer Salsa Sale! Buy one of these two award bedecked salsas and get another one free!

How To Redeem: Sale will be applied automatically once you add the items to your cart.

What happens if you buy 2, you ask? Well, you get 2 free! Buy 3? Get 3! There's no quantity limit on this sale, so be sure to get all the salsa you'll need to keep snacking all summer long.

Tommy Tomatillo - Made with 100% estate grown heirloom chiles, tomatillos and tomatoes. We lovingly roast, chop and blend for the perfect combination of flavor and texture. Enjoy the zesty days of summer with every spoonful!

Rosie Chipotle - Like good tequila Rosie Chipotle is warm, round and smokey. Homegrown heirloom chiles and tomatoes blended with NY onions, chipotle, lime and spices and whipped into a fiesta of flavor. Your tortilla chips best friend!

(This sale excludes Jaune Flamme because he's been back on his bullsh*t recently.)

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