Award Winners

People have been saying nice things about our food since we made our very first batch of Karma Sauce in 2010. The unique butternut squash base paired with the spicy kick of our home-grown peppers were a hit everywhere we went. Over time, we expanded the line with more original flavors, like our Cherry Bomb, with its signature sour cherry notes paired with a zesty habanero punch. By 2013, we had become the most decorated hot sauce company in New York State, and our Cherry Bomb became the most award-winning sauce in the country. But it doesn’t end with our hot sauces. Our ketchups, mustards, salsas, and rubs have also been recognized for their finely crafted flavor profiles and all natural ingredients. This year alone we took home twelty awards, including Best In Show and many Golden Chile and Scovie Awards. So if you’re looking for something from the top shelf, you’ve come to the right place.

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