Smoked Pork Shoulder Improv

Don't try this at home.

We drive down to visit family at the farm in South Carolina a couple of times a year. A few years ago we thought it would be fun to improvise a smoker from "retired" equipment in the shed at the back of the farm. Since then we've gotten our money's worth and then some out this leaky old water trough.

Pork shoulder is rubbed with Karma Sauce Co. Sabroso Spice Blend and placed at one end of "the smoker". A smoldering fire of trimmed oak branches supplies the smoke and heat. Notice the baking pan heat shield/diffuser between the two.

After about twelve hours we have some tasty BBQ...OK so this is not true South Carolina style BBQ...just BBQ we happen to have made in South Carolina. Of course you can use more conventional hardware and turn out great BBQ'd pork with our Sabroso Spice Blend. If you do we recommend Smokey Karma Sauce, Bad Karma Sauce or Cherry Bomb Hot Sauce as condiments (depending on your flavor and heat preference).