Pizza Palooza

Making pizza at home is fun; even if you’ve got no plans to become the next celebrity pizzaiolo. With a few dough balls, a pizza stone (or a baking sheet) and few ingredients you can create an entertaining meal where individual customization reaches new heights. In this post, I will share a few starter ideas for how you can use Karma Sauce Products in unusual and delicious pizza you can make at home.

First you’ll need some dough, you can buy it at your local grocery/bakery or make it yourself. If you choose the latter Peter Reinhart’s Pizza Quest (or any of his books) or are good places to start. We’re going to gloss over basic pizzology here and focus on the applications. The resources above can help with time and temperature type questions. All home setups will have there own character; Keep your pizza’s small and you’ll have plenty of chances to learn on the fly.

An assortment of toppings and sauces are a must if you’ve going to go with the weekend party route; scaling back is for weekdays! In addition to the four Karma Sauces and Chipotle Mustard, we have front and center our fresh picked, first of the season ramp tops (responsibly foraged from “I’m not tellin’ where”). I do a ramp and goat cheese pizza every spring; seemed like a good excuse for a broader exploration.

To the pizza!

#1 – Good Karma Sauce and olive oil base with Lively Run chevre, ramps and chopped pistachios. The olive oil and Good Karma Sauce go on first followed by the ramps and chevre and finished with the pistachios.

#2 – Curry Karma Sauce with sliced roast potatoes, young turnip greens, and sharp cheddar. Here I mixed the Curry Karma Sauce with heavy cream to cut the intensity (optional); If you do this then the sauce needs to go on a little heavy since the water in the cream evaporates quickly compared to tomato sauce or Karma Sauce. Put the greens on next and then the slices of potato (these I seasoned on the pizza with a sprinkle of Instant Karma). Finish with a sparse application of sharp cheddar.


#3 – Kelly made a delicious slow roasted chicken with Instant Karma this week (the gravy from that bird deserves it’s out post!). The sliced, leftover breast meat is featured in this pizza. The sauce base is Good Karma Sauce and cream, topped with the chicken slices and dollops of Old Chatham’s Ewe’s Blue. A few slices of red onion finish it off.

#4 – Hawaiian meets Momofuko. Instant Karma rubbed, slow roasted, pork belly with pineapple, red onion and mozzarella. The base is Smokey Karma Sauce, straight up. Yum!

#5 – Polka Pizza! This is a little further out there but it works! Base: Chipotle Mustard and cream. Add a sparse layer of sauerkraut, slices of Cabanossi (a slim smoked polsih sausage) and polish style smoked “swiss cheese”.

Of course you can put out a few traditional Margharita’s (tomato, basil and cheese) for the purists, but having options keeps it interesting!

Note: If for some reason you decide to go out for Pizza, try the Copper Oven. They make great pizzas and if you are lucky that will be spinning their award winning "For The Love Of Curry" pizza made with Curry Karma Sauce!