Karma Sauce Chicken Sandwiches

With the chicken sandwich wars in full swing, Gene decided to lob a few crunchy buttermilk battered grenades of his own.

all three sammys


Three chicken sandwiches, three chicken breast preparations, each one brined with spices that would suit its accompanying toppings. Below you'll find the recipe for each type of chicken breast used for each sandwich (spoiler, they're all variations on our Cherry Bomb Chicken recipe), plus some accompanying glamor shots. You'll also find a dynamite recipe for Asian Slaw tucked away somewhere in the middle.

These sandwiches are all fairly distinct in terms of their flavor profile, but in one respect they are identical. Gene used rolls from Martusciello Bakery, which was perhaps a bit harder than the ideal chicken sandwich bun but was nonetheless delicious. 

The bun and toppings we present here are merely serving suggestions though, these recipes are a great platform for letting your imagination run wild!

Anyway, down to business. First, we have the Sabroso Chicken Sandwich. Like the name implies, Gene used our own Sabroso seasoning for brining.

Sabroso Recipe

After the frying, Gene dressed up his cutlet with the type of toppings you might find on any Southwestern sandwich. Red onion, cheddar, roasted poblano pepper, and an aoli made with Smokey Karma (1 tsp of Smokey Karma to 1 tbsp of mayo).

Completed Sandwich

Next, the Karma Chicken Sandwich. For this sandwich, Gene chose Instant Karma, a blend with ingredients like star anise and ginger that would pair well with some of the Eastern flavors found in the toppings.    

Karma Fried Chicken Breast Recipe

Gene also prepared a Bad Karma Asian slaw for this sandwich, which is delicious in its own right and can be thrown together in all of 10 minutes.

Asian Slaw Recipe

In addition to the slaw, Gene added some pickled ginger and drizzled some Cherry Bomb aoli over the top (1 tsp Cherry Bomb to 1 tbsp of mayo). 

Karma Chicken Sandwich Completed

Finally, we come to the Jerk Chicken Sandwich, which uses our Jerk-Me-Around spice blend 

Jerk Fried Chicken Recipe

In keeping with the Carribean theme introduced by Jerk-Me-Around, Gene piled his sandwich with some juicy slices of mango, as well as some fresh green onions and a Ghost Island aoli (1 tsp. Ghost Island to 1 tbsp mayo). 

Jerk Chicken Sandwich Complete

The variety of sandwich styles meant that there was something for everyone, and the Olczak household ate very well that night.

Sandwich remains  

We'd love to see what karmafied creations you guys manage to fry up. Send your chicken sandwich pics to @karmasauce on twitter, facebook, or instagram