Good Karma Potato Pancakes

This is an item we prepared for The Finger Lakes Cork & Fork in 2011*. My kids have recently come to the realization that potato pancakes are actually okay so I'll be making more soon.

What we have here is a mini potato pancake that is topped with a small dollap of water buffalo yoghurt, two pieces of chive, a slice of nectarine and Good Karma Sauce. Yummy!

My recipe for a small for a small batch of these pancakes is simple. They are very crispy - Nearly hash brown like.


4 medium sized potatoes
1 egg
1-2 tablespoons of potato flour (or wheat flour)
A pinch or salt
Your favorite oil or clarified butter or lard

I usually add a bit of minced onion as well, usually if I'm in the mood to go the sour cream and apple sauce route.

Special equipment

Cheese cloth


Beat egg in a bowl big enough to hold all the pancake batter. Wisk in potato flour and salt

Peel potatoes (if you get interrupted you can hold WHOLE potatoes in a water batch to slow oxidation).

Shred potatoes one or two at a time. Use cheese cloth (and all your might!) to twist and squeeze the water out of the potatoes. Work quickly; the potatoes are very vulnerable to oxidation at this time. As soon as potatoes are shredded toss them in the bowl and coat with egg mixture.

Bring a flat skillet or pan to medium high heat. Add enough oil (or other fat) to cover the bottom of the pan.

Scope batter into pan in small dollops. Press to flatten with back of spoon if needed. Fry on both sides until golden brown. Hold in a warn oven until all the potatoes are ready.

*Now that the blog is up I'll be recalling a few highlights from stuff that we had previously posted to facebook.