The Karma Sauce Company Introduces New Finger Lakes Grown Super Hot Sauces

Originally Published on 02/11/2017

The Karma Sauce Company Introduces New Finger Lakes Grown Super Hot Sauces
Home grown peppers featured in the latest addition to Upstate NY firm’s premium product offerings

February 2, 2017 (Pittsford, NY) – The Karma Sauce Company LLC, home of premium spicy products since 2010, announces the release of FUNKEN HOT and ASHES*2*ASHES hot sauces, two super hot sauces that are the fruit of the company's new farm in Bristol NY.

Known for its line of innovative, locally-sourced products, the company is introducing these hotter-that-hot sauces to highlight the most blisteringly hot peppers they grow. These finicky peppers are grown in high tunnels (portable greenhouses) to extend the growing season in the chilly north.

“We wanted to do something a little more stripped down with these sauces,” says Gene Olczak, founder of The Karma Sauce Company. “Here our focus is on expressing pure pepper flavor. These sauces don’t have the complex mixology of our Cherry Bomb or Curry Kats'up but we’ve added fermentation to the bag of tricks to pull out the high notes of the chiles. We are really pleased with the results.”

FUNKEN HOT is based on a mix of brown super hot peppers including the fierce Trinidadian Seven Pot Brown (so named because one pepper is hot enough for seven pots of stew) blended with Chocolate Habanero and a hint of the company’s Instant Karma spice blend. The name is a play on the founder’s favored genre of music and the German word funken; translation: to give off or emit sparks.

ASHES*2*ASHES is made from a blend of the hottest peppers in the world, including The Moruga Scorpion Pepper and several others. The label for the sauce boldly proclaims that it “is mellowed with Bhut Jolokia.” Also known as Ghost Pepper, Bhut Jolokia recently held the Guinness Word Record for the hottest pepper. With sixty three percent pepper by weight, this is one insanely hot sauce.

The pair of sauces made an immediate splash upon release last weekend, winning three awards at the Fiery Food Challenge (The “Oscars” of spicy food). FUNKEN HOT won an award in the Extra Hot category and ASHES*2*ASHES won in the Ultra Hot category.

ASHES*2*ASHES also won a Best New Product Award, a category that includes a marketing statement: “Born in the burning springs of Bristol NY and nurtured on vaporous sulfur water; this molten blend of the hottest peppers in the world will leave you with an ashen grin where your face used to be. Light up your favorite dishes with a blast of pure chile heat.”

These sauces and many other award winning products may be ordered online or from a growing list of select retailers throughout New York and beyond. To find an up-to-date list of Karma Sauce Company retailers, visit

About The Karma Sauce Company

Inspired by his locavore friends and neighbors, Gene Olczak created Karma Sauce ® as a personal passion in 2008. Word of mouth acclaim led to an expanded line of over twenty products – each with a distinctive flavor, and each manufactured in small batches exclusively by Olczak using vegetables from his farm in Bristol NY as well as other local ingredients.

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