The Fiery Food Challenge 2021 Scorecard


Category Product Award
Hot Sauce: American Style Hot/X-Hot [redacted]
1st (Golden Chile)
Hot Sauce: Exotic Hot/X-Hot [redacted]
1st (Golden Chile)
Hot Sauce: Hot Cherry Bomb
1st (Golden Chile)
Hot Sauce: Exotic Mild/Med Cosmic Dumpling
1st (Golden Chile)
Hot Sauce: Pepper Blend Mild/Med Huhu Pina
1st (Golden Chile)
Hot Sauce: Latin Mild/Med [redacted]
1st (Golden Chile)
Hot Sauce: Ghost Pepper Sauce Scorpion Disco
1st (Golden Chile)
Hot Sauce: Ultra Hot Burn After Eating 2nd
Hot Sauce: Hot [redacted] 2nd
Hot Sauce: Mild Cosmic Dumpling 2nd
Hot Sauce: Spicy Sweet Sauce Hot/X-Hot Funken Hot 2nd
Hot Sauce: Latin Hot/X-Hot HuHu Diablo 2nd
Hot Sauce: Latin Mild/Med It's Tuesday Somewhere 2nd
Hot Sauce: Trinidad Pepper Sauce Scorpion Disco 2nd
Hot Sauce: Asian Style Hot/X-Hot Funken Hot 3rd
Hot Sauce: Chipotle Style Mild/Med [redacted] 3rd
Hot Sauce: Medium [redacted] 3rd


Soooo there you have it. Apologies for the redacted sauces, you will learn more about them very soon!

We'd like to thank everyone who dropped by our booth to say hello. There's nothing quite like the collection of foodies, daredevils, and culinary wizards that make up the hot sauce community. We love each and every one of you misfits! 😂

See you all next year!

[Read the full Karma Sauce press release of The Fiery Food Challenge 2021 results.]