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Originally Published on 08/02/2013

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Karma Sauce adds 5 Star Product Ratings to a Growing Constellation of Accolades

New York firm’s products receive highest possible ratings from noted fiery food reviewer Scott Roberts.

(Pittsford, NY) – Good Karma Sauce® and Smokey Karma Sauce® were the shining stars of the most recent Weekly Firecast product review by Scott Roberts. The two products each received a 5 star rating, which denotes “Exceptional, as perfect as a product can get.” Meanwhile Bad Karma Sauce® received 4.5 stars (“Nearly flawless”) and Curry Karma Sauce® received 4 stars (“Great product”).

“The overall flavor profiles match terrifically with all kinds of food”, Scott said in his review. He continued, “There is probably more these sauces are good on than not good on.” Scott also commented on the stellar complex flavor of the sauces and the chile pepper pop. It was the “addict-ability” of the sauces, the cravings they create to come back for more and more, that elevated them to the highest ratings.

Scott described the differences between the four sauces while noting the common elements of butternut squash and sweet potato that provides the sauces with their lovely thick consistency and natural sweetness. “These sauces are so good you will want to put a lot of them on your food”, Scott said. He concluded by saying that the sauces “get my highest recommendation” and “Good-good stuff!”

The original all-natural butternut squash based Karma Sauce® products were launched in 2010. Tomato Kats’up followed in 2011, and the Karma Sauce whole-grain mustards debuted in January 2012. Chilehead Hot Sauces and Spice Blends followed in the fall and winter of 2012. In 2013, Karma Sauce became the most award-winning zesty condiment company in New York State with Karma Sauce® Cherry Bomb leading as the most award-winning hot sauce in the country.

Karma Sauce® products may be purchased direct online at or from a growing list of select retailers. To find an up-to-date list of Karma Sauce Company retailers, or for complete product descriptions, visit

About The Karma Sauce Company

Inspired by his locavore friends and neighbors in a close-knit community in Pittsford, NY, Gene Olczak created the first Karma Sauce® recipe in the summer of 2008. Karma Sauce products are gluten free, all-natural, and produced in small batches exclusively by Olczak in Upstate New York.

About Scott Roberts

Mr. Roberts is recognized as one of the foremost authorities in the fiery foods industry. Reviews, the Weekly Firecast and more can be found on his website