Production Assistant Job Posting

TITLE: Production Assistant            SUPERVISOR: Sauce Manager

SUPERVISES: No Direct Reports

GENERAL: Karma Sauce is dedicated to crafting healthy, natural hot sauces and condiments using locally sourced and farm grown ingredients. Based in New York’s Finger Lakes, Karma Sauce specializes in growing, processing, and bottling vegetable ingredients for craft condiments and hot sauces (Karma Sauce®) using ethical growing and labor practices and batch manufacturing methods. The sauce manufacturing location is in downtown Rochester NY.

SUMMARY OF RESPONSIBILITIES: The Production Assistant will assist Karma Sauce’s Production team in the processing, manufacturing, and shipping of Karma Sauce® products.


Vegetable Processing

  • Adhere to all kitchen safety standards and process control best practices for acidified foods
  • Assist in the preparation and processing of raw vegetable and other natural ingredients based on scheduled processes, as well as written and verbal instructions
  • Hand-process hot and super hot peppers as needed, including rinsing, mashing, and storing

Manufacturing and Finishing

  • Assist in the filling and bottling processes
  • Assist in evaluating flavor and texture quality: products include mild to extremely hot sauces
  • Assist in product finishing such as applying tamper-proof bands, date coding, and applying product labels
  • Assist in the cooling and storing of finished cases


  • As needed, assemble and prepare retail and wholesale orders to be shipped in boxes or as pallet freight
  • As needed, operate shipping/receiving equipment such as a pallet jack


  • Production staff may also be asked to complete work on Burning Springs farm in Bristol, NY, including planting, weeding, and harvesting.
  • Read, understand, and adhere to all safety standards, guidelines, and better process control best practices provided and posted in the Karma Kitchen
  • Perform all tasks and responsibilities with attention to detail and in a complete and timely manner
  • Maintain an inclusive and appropriate work environment through communication and interaction that demonstrates respect
  • Approach any communication with external stakeholders, laborers, or vendors with a focus on maintaining and improving relationships
  • Must wear safety glasses and other safety apparel at all times and be comfortable with occasional use of filter face masks
  • Maintain professional standards of performance and demeanor, appropriately acting as a brand ambassador both at and away from The Karma Sauce Company
  • Provide assistance for other staff as needed
  • Be available for overtime due to delays in finishing on product filling days



  • Must be at least 18 years old to operate some vegetable processing equipment
  • Ability to comprehend process schedules
  • Ability to understand and follow all verbal and written instructions
  • Ability to stand for numerous hours; lift or move at least 50 pounds, and bend frequently
  • Ability to safely operate and maintain kitchen equipment such as knives, food processors, and immersion blenders
  • Ability to transport self to Karma Sauce job sites in the Rochester Metro Area
  • Ability to sample hot sauces and provide constructive feedback on taste and texture


  • Experience in food service and/or batch manufacturing of goods
  • Experience in shipping/receiving or warehouse operations
  • Love of hot sauce and all things spicy

POSITION TYPE/WORK SCHEDULE: This is an hourly position with the possibility of becoming permanent depending on job performance. Starting wage is $14 per hour at least 20 hours per week. The position may require occasional evening and weekend work and the ability to be flexible depending on the production needs of Karma Sauce.

For more information on The Karma Sauce Company, please visit

If interested please print and complete the application at the following link.  Please see submission instructions at the bottom of the application. The ability to follow basic instructions is important for the job.