Local Vendor Status Updates In The Age of Corona

We've recently been fielding questions about how best to support Karma Sauce during the pandemic. We're still figuring that out ourselves, but we're sure that the answer includes providing business to the many retailers who stock our product and rely on public engagement to prosper. We've recently reached out to our Karma Vendors so that you can have an idea of the services they are currently offering and how you might help. Here they are in their own words: 
Last Updated 3/27/2020 11:19 AM
  • Epicuse in Syracuse: (Syracuse, NY) "Open for our customers and having a little good karma sauce in one’s life right now couldn’t hurt. Our social handles are Facebook: epicuse and Instagram epicusesyr"

  • Red Jacket Orchards (Geneva, NY) "is fully open!! So far, so good with us. We are focused on providing local goods for people."
  • Three Brothers Winery (Geneva, NY) "is open for curbside pickup everyday 12-4pm and shipping. All orders must be placed online. Check our website for daily discounts/deals"
  • Oak Hill Bulk Foods (Penn Yann, NY) "We are an essential grocery store and are able to remain open our normal hours, Monday- Saturday, 8 am-6 pm"
  • PepperExplosion.com (US) is open.

  • https://matshotshop.com/ (Aus) is open.

  • Red Bird Market (Fairport, NY) is open.

  • East Hill Creamery (Perry, NY) "is open. We hope people don’t forget the wonderful experience of eating our  cheese. Buy a piece today. Enjoy a large slice of cheese,hard crusty bread, and a dry white wine for dinner tonight. I will be at Rochester Public Market on Saturday or check out our Website for places near you to purchase. If you place an order for four pkgs. ($40.00), we will deliver to your door in an insulated bag in the Rochester and/or Buffalo area. We will take credit card info over the phone to assure no cross-contact. Call 585 237 3622 to order."

  • Flower City Flavor Company (Rochester, NY)  "is open for business and we will deliver for free in Monroe County!"

  • Lori's Natural (Rochester, NY) "is open for all your essential grocery needs"
  • AleFire (Portland, OR) "is open, as responsibly as we can be. Selling the sauces and beer, sanitizing all the things"

Please do what you can to support these businesses! We will be sure to keep this list updated as responses come in.

We've also been recommending people donate to the Farmer Relief Fund to directly help farmers that rely on public markets to sell their products.

Stay safe everyone! We're all in this together.

- The Karma Sauce Team