Karma Sauce Community Profile - Try My Nuts

Karma Sauce considers every outlet that sells our products to be part of the Karma Community.  Every now and then we like to showcase a member of that community and highlight how they, in turn, serve the people around them. The opportunities to spread good karma are all around us! 

Try My Nuts Nut Company
Established 1999
Ashland Virginia, Outer Banks NC, Pigeon Forge TN
Owner Matt LeRose
Website / Social Media


Don't let the cheeky name fool you, Try My Nuts is serious about spicy snacks. In order to truly understand Matt's company, you first have to understand Corolla, one of the most culturally distinctive areas on the east coast. A previously little-known and low-populated area along North Carolina's Outer Banks, Corolla experienced a development boom in the 1980s and has since become a major tourist destination for thousands of fun-loving beach-goers in the summer months. One of the major attractions for the tourist economy is a large herd of feral Banker horses who run free on an animal sanctuary just north of the village. 

Corolla Wild Mustangs

It was the untamed spirit of the herd that inspired Matt LeRose to throw caution to the wind and open a small beachfront snack shop with an atmosphere as relaxed as Corolla itself. Needless to say, it was a hit amongst tourists and locals alike, and it wasn't long before more storefronts started to pop-up in the Northern Banks, Tennessee, and Virginia.  

Customers who visit Try My Nuts can expect stellar customer service and a truly dizzying array of quality snacks, sauces, rubs, coffees, and gifts. 

While the entire spectrum of heat tolerances will feel right at home at Try My Nuts, the company still considers its spicy products its specialty. True heat-seekers will find a vast array of death nuts, wasabi crunchies, terror tubes, da bomb nuts and reaper nugz to keep them occupied. The company also boasts a very well-curated stock of hot sauces. Matt is a big fan of Curry Karma and Extreme Karma, which is why they can now be found under the Try My Nuts label as Category 3 and Category 5 hot sauces. You can also find Karma Sauce mainstays like Ghost Island and Cherry Bomb on their shelves, along with a lot of other infamous hot sauce brands.

Due to the Coronavirus, Try My Nuts has had to keep their doors closed for the time being, but hopes to re-open soon.  In the meantime, you can still make purchases through their online shop. 

Check out Try My Nuts for yourself, and let us know what you think of their spicy snacks!