Karma Sauce Community Profile - Old Agness Store

Karma Sauce considers every outlet that sells our products to be part of the Karma Community.  Every now and then we like to showcase a member of that community and highlight how they, in turn, serve the people around them. The opportunities to spread good karma are all around us! 

Old Agness Store Brownie  

Old Agness Store
Established 2018
P.O. Box 85, Agness, OR 97406
Owner Steve and Michele Berlant 
Website / Social Media www.oldagnesstore.com
Hours of Operation

24 Hours A Day


A love letter to the state of Oregon, the original Old Agness was a brick and mortar garden-cafe filled with locally crafted products. In 2018, Old Agness transitioned to an e-commerce exclusive business, but the store's emphasis on local Oregon products wasn't gaining traction on the World Wide Web.

It was at this point that the husband-wife team of Old Agness thought to combine Steve's love of hot pepper gardening with Michele's love of baking to create something truly unique. The double-threat of delicious baked goodies infused with scaldingly hot peppers excited foodies and heat-seekers all across the country.

Since then, Old Agness has leaned into its new identity as a bakery and spice shop, offering brownies and blondies for every heat tolerance and a world-class collection of handcrafted hot sauces from North America and the UK.  

Quite a lot of thought and care goes into every facet of Steve and Michele's business. In addition to the heat-factor, Old Agness baked goods are all gluten-free (you'd never notice if it wasn't on the label) and made with the finest quality chocolate and produce. And every single order comes with a hand-written note by the owners thanking you for your purchase. Let's see some of the big-box bakeries do that!   

Old Agness Store is also an official sponsor of the World Jet Boat Races and will be attending the Portland Hot Sauce Expo later this summer.  

Check out Old Agness Store for yourself, and let us know what you think of their brownies and blondies!