Karma Sauce Community Profile: Epicuse

Karma Sauce considers every outlet that sells our products to be part of the Karma Community.  Every now and then we like to showcase a member of that community and highlight how they, in turn, serve the people around them. It's Karma all the way down! 

Established 2019
Location Syracuse NY
Owners Nicole & Kevin Samolis
Website / Social Media


It was the necessity of a convenient grocery shop in downtown Syracuse that led owners Nicole and Kevin, owners of SKYArmory, to open the shop in the first place: "We'd been living [here] for the past 10 years and our greatest need was a place to pick up your daily food needs and realized this was a greater need for downtown than another restaurant. And Epicuse was realized."

Instead of an overstuffed mega shop, Epicuse is more reminiscent of a European market where you pick up just what you need for that day. They offer an array of heavily curated small batch items and higher-end products that will add unexpected layers to your meal. The convenience combined with the quality of the selection has made Epicuse a cherished resource amongst Syracusan foodies.   

In addition to the goods Nicole and Kevin have carefully selected, Epicuse also offers an excellent prepared foods section. "Our prepared foods are made in our SKY Armory kitchen and are made from scratch ready to be taken home and heated." It's this dynamic that encapsulates Epicuse as a whole; high-end cuisine married with the convenience of the pantry.

Check out Epicuse for yourself and let us know what you think!