Cooking With Karma at NY Kitchen

[Note: Scroll down for the slides that accompanied Gene's New York Kitchen presentation]

The attendees of NY Kitchen's Cooking with Karma course took in some beautiful views of Canandaigua lake while contemplating all facets of hot sauce cookery.  

Karma Sauce Saucemaster Gene Olczak took his students step-by-step through the art and science of crafting the perfect spicy concoction. He discussed topics as varied as the historical migration of the chile pepper, the most commonly occurring capsaicinoids, the major elements of taste and aroma, bottling considerations, and the importance of pectin/acid balance in the design of a good sauce.

After the presentation, students had the opportunity to put theory into action and craft their own chile pepper sauce at their individual cooking stations. Attendees grilled, chopped, measured, blended and packed the fresh ingredients provided by Karma Sauce.   Every participant went home with some fresh bottles of Fresno/Habanero pepper sauce, but they also left with the tools necessary to create their own custom dream sauce in the future. That's how you cook with Karma!