Karma Sauce considers every outlet that sells our products to be part of the Karma Community.  Every now and then we like to showcase a member of that community and highlight how they, in turn, serve the people around them. The variety of ways to spread good karma are all around us! 

Abundance Food Co-op 
Established Earth Day, 2002
Location 571 South Ave, Rochester NY
Owner All 3,000+ shareholders from the community 
Website / Social Media http://abundance.coop / @abundancecoop
Hours of Operation

Monday–Friday: 8:00am to 9:00pm
Saturday–Sunday: 9:00am to 8:00pm


Abundance Food Co-op is a testament to what's possible when people come together for a common cause. It began when a group of employees at a local grocery store decided that Rochester deserved an authentic food Co-op. After a few years of hard work and ambitious fundraising, the former employees were able to open the Abundance Co-operative to the public in 2001. 

Abundance Food Co-Op stands apart from the bigger grocery chains on just about every level. It was not only the first food co-operative in Rochester, but remains the only co-op in Rochester. From the start, they've been on the cutting edge of all natural, organic, and local offerings. Taking advantage of the rich output of Rochester's own growers and artisans is a high priority. "We also offer one of the largest selections of organic produce, bulk foods and local products in the city."

Because of its strong core values and community orientation, don't be surprised to find customers of Abundance Food Co-op who are fiercely loyal to the cause.



There's a wide variety of delicious vegan offerings available at Abundance, including the highly recommended Vegan Banh Mi, served on a French Baguette with Soy Boy Tofu Lin, cucumber, house-made slaw, sriracha and veganaise.

When it comes to Karma Sauce, the folks at Abundance like to alternate between Good and Bad Karma, "depending on how much heat the day calls for, it's the perfect sauce to spice up any tofu dish". 

 Check out Abundance Food Co-op for yourself, and let us know if the Vegan Banh Mi is as good as it sounds!