Answers to Your Questions

What makes Karma Sauce different?

The big difference is in the flavor. There are practical reasons why other sauces don’t come close: most hot sauces are primarily composed of grain vinegar, industrial pepper mash (peppers in a “carrier” and loads of salt), some add sugar/corn syrup– and don’t forget xanthan gum (for body!) and sulphites (for plastic packaging). Karma Sauce is over 75% pure vegetable with moderate quantities or cider vinegar, a little honey, salt and nothing else. A fresh, unprocessed and complex flavor with lower acidity, sugar and salinity are what make Karma Sauce more versatile and healthy!

We have added a bunch of new products since we created the original Karma Sauce recipe but all of products maintain the same high standards.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Order?

Being a very small business we wear a lot of hats. So we don’t process shipments every day – sometimes were out picking peppers or bottling sauce. We do prepare shipments at least once a week.  We use priority USPS shipping so once you order is on the way it usually takes one to two days to arrive.

Is Karma Sauce organic? Is it really local?

We grow our own peppers, tomatoes, tomatillos and garlic (and many other veggies) and while we follow organic practices we are not certified organic. What we don’t grow we seek out from other local farms.  The majority of our ingredients are vegetables that come from within a 50 mile radius of Bristol, NY. Even our cider vinegar is made locally.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes! But the shipping can be expensive.  Please use our contact and request a rate for your ship-to address.  All international orders require a paypal payment.

I have allergies. Can I use Karma Sauce?

There are no major allergens in the Karma Sauce recipes. We keep allergens in mind when developing new products. For example: the absence of glutens in cider vinegar was a factor in choosing it. We want to provide everyone with the opportunity to enjoy our products. Some Karma Sauce recipes do contain honey, which should not be fed to infants.

The hot sauce bottles say that the serving size is a teaspoon. Are you kidding?

The FDA regulates the serving size we use on the label. In our experience a tablespoon or two is more typical. If you’re counting calories or sodium you may need to consider this.