2020 Golden Chile Winners Kit

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This year at Zestfest, Karma Sauce took home a staggering 24 awards! Included amongst these were 6 first place Golden Chile wins, and they all went to the products you'll find in this kit.*: 

1 Funken Hot (Asian Style Hot Sauce AND Spicy Sweet Hot Sauce) 

1 Ghost Island (Exotic Hot Sauce) 

1 Curry Kats'up (Ketchup/Steak Sauce)

1 Chipotle Mustard (Hot Mustard)   

If you've ever been curious about what winning tastes like, this is the pack for you! 

* Excluding one we haven't released yet. Stay tuned! 
Curry Katsup, Funken Hot, Ghost Island and Chipotle Mustard
Ghost Island Hot Sauce with Cubano Sandwich
Funken Hot Hot Sauce with Scrambled Eggs and Bacon