Summer Gift Sets

Everything You'll Need for a Truly Bold Summer

Here it is, everything you'll need to craft some truly bold summer BBQ. And from now until Father's Day, you get a free gift card with every pack you buy.  After all, could it really be a coincidence that Father's Day and summer usually start within a week of each other? Now is the perfect time to give Dad some heavy artillery for his backyard grill-outs. 

As Liam Neeson once said, each dad has 'a very specific set of grills' when it comes to backyard barbecue, and a very specific set of grill strategies to match. Fortunately, our Summer Sets are grouped to accommodate some of these different approaches. So whether your dad is a marination mench, a hot dog-'n-burger boy or a tri-tip dry rub spice savant, we've got you covered.  And if your Dad is all three, take a gander at our Deluxe Set for our most comprehensive summer stockade.

Gift Cards

$5, $10, $25, $50, $100

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Summer Churrasco Kit


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Summer Grill-Out Kit


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The Spice Rack

$ 27

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Deluxe Summer Set


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