FDA Proposed Changes to Nutrition Facts

Originally Published on 03/16/2014

What do you think of the Proposed FDA label changes? We're all for it. We can't help it; it makes us look good. Here we are showing what Good Karma Sauce (left) and Karma Sauce Tomato Kats'up (right) nutrition facts would look like with the proposed changes.

You probably know that Good Karma Sauce is great stuff, but check this out: Tomato Kats'up has 33% less calories and sodium than regular ketchup! Most of the sugar in our Tomato Kats'up comes from the fresh veggies so it has 1/3 of the added sugar of regular ketchup (we use just a touch of honey). More ketchups are loaded with sugar or corn syrup!
new karma sauce and kats'up nutri label proposed